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When your carpet no longer leaves you beaming with pride, perhaps from the daily onslaught of feet, you can call on our expert carpet cleaning Coombe technicians to make you fall in love with it again.

Carpets that are entrusted under our care get the best treatments possible at Carpet Cleaning London, so when yours has been letting you down of late, we can make you feel proud of it again.

We use tried-and-trusted cleaning machines that bring out the very best in every carpet we come across, from budget-friendly, practical piles to carpets made from luxurious or less common fabrics.

Our carpet cleaning machines do a first-rate job of removing visible contaminants from carpets, so that the colours, patterns and texture are reinvigorated after we’ve finished our work.

Our fully certified technicians are also experts at removing substances from carpets that may not be visible to the naked eye, but can still be classed as troublemakers for carpets and their owners. Allergens, such as dust mites, germs, bacteria and mould, for example, are all happy to set up camp in carpets, potentially undermining the health of those that come into contact with your carpet. Why put your loved ones at risk when we can nip these nasties in the bud?

At our carpet cleaners in Coombe we also do an enviable job of zapping stains and blemishes in carpets into oblivion, wherever these have originated from. Even those marks that you’ve convinced yourself were untouchable can be dissolved with efficiency when we get on the case.

As well as restoring your carpet’s aesthetics to a wonderfully clean and hygienic order, we do a cracking job of returning carpets so that they smell tantalisingly fresh. This is great news for those carpet owners who have had to endure stale smells from pets, smoke or other substances languishing in their carpet.

For added peace of mind, you’ll be pleased to know that our carpet cleaning Coombe technicians are all fully certified and industry trained, coming with ample skills and experience to clean any carpet style.

We provide convenient and flexible appointments in both residential and commercial settings, where you can expect our technicians to clean carpets with respect, discretion and professionalism every step of the way. With our affordable prices and quality services, what have you got to lose? Call our friendly team today to restore hygiene to your carpet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you've ever wanted to know about carpet cleaning

What cleaning method do you use?

We use the most powerful, industrial, steam cleaning machines in conjunction with our methodical 10-step cleaning process.

Our process is designed to deep clean carpet fibers, guaranteeing maximum soil removal and minimal drying time without leaving residues behind.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

On average, it will take approximately 25 minutes per room. This time can vary depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary stain removal treatments.

Do you guarantee stain removal?

No. We cannot guarantee that our technicians will be able to remove all carpet spots or stains. Ocassionly, some stains can permanently set and cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibers.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Usually from 2 - 4 hours. Dry time is relative to humidity (water vapour in the air), temperature (cold, warm, hot), and airflow present.

Each of these variables can be controlled either naturally by simply opening the windows if the correct natural conditions are present, or mechanically by the use of a heating system, dehumidifiers, and fans. Rain or shine, we can create the optimal indoor drying conditions.

Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?

Yes. There is no charge to move furniture and we're fully insured. After the cleaning is completed, our technicians will return it to its rightful place.

We do suggest you remove items off of your furniture like electronics, plants, lamps, and loose items. We will move most furniture that can be safely moved.

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