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It’s easy to see why carpets are such a popular choice of flooring, with their many colours and styles as well as the warmth they provide. But, keeping a carpet clean is another issue in itself. However, there’s no need to let this become a problem, as we provide exceptional quality carpet cleaning Streatham Park services that make every carpet look flawless.

We appreciate that keeping your carpet looking spotless is no easy feat. No matter how hard you try to keep dirty feet off your carpet, or however often you vacuum it, these tactics just won’t let it reach its optimum hygienic potential. But, this is where Carpet Cleaning London steps in to help.

As a highly respected carpet cleaning company that serves residential and commercial customers in the Streatham Park area of London, you’ll have every confidence that your carpet is in capable hands when you pick us.

Our carpet cleaning technicians are carefully chosen for their dedication and passion at restoring good looks to carpets, where we’ll frequently go the extra distance to get carpets looking spick and span.

We possess superior levels of skills and expertise, where you can rest assured that our technicians are industry trained and insured to clean in any setting. Even if you’re worried that we might not be able to clean your particular style of carpet, fear not. With our extensive know-how, there’s every chance that we’ll know just what your carpet needs to get it in tip-top order.

As well as vast industry knowledge on cleaning different styles of carpets, our carpet cleaners in Streatham Park are also fully up to speed on what’s needed to get carpets hygienically clean.

We have an assortment of cleaning products at our disposal that tackle carpet stains, unsavoury smells and allergens such as dust mites, while our top-notch cleaning machines are just the job for extracting dirt particles and other contaminants from carpets.

To give your carpet the required cleaning treatment it demands, our carpet cleaning Streatham Park technicians will always inspect it first. We provide tailored cleaning services rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, which gives your carpet the best chance of reaching its optimum cleaning potential.

Even better, when you choose Carpet Cleaning London you get quality customer services that are convenient, affordable and highly professional. We go out of our way to make the process easy and hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you've ever wanted to know about carpet cleaning

What cleaning method do you use?

We use the most powerful, industrial, steam cleaning machines in conjunction with our methodical 10-step cleaning process.

Our process is designed to deep clean carpet fibers, guaranteeing maximum soil removal and minimal drying time without leaving residues behind.

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

On average, it will take approximately 25 minutes per room. This time can vary depending on the amount of furniture to be moved, how soiled the carpet is, and any necessary stain removal treatments.

Do you guarantee stain removal?

No. We cannot guarantee that our technicians will be able to remove all carpet spots or stains. Ocassionly, some stains can permanently set and cause irreversible damage to the carpet fibers.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Usually from 2 - 4 hours. Dry time is relative to humidity (water vapour in the air), temperature (cold, warm, hot), and airflow present.

Each of these variables can be controlled either naturally by simply opening the windows if the correct natural conditions are present, or mechanically by the use of a heating system, dehumidifiers, and fans. Rain or shine, we can create the optimal indoor drying conditions.

Do you move furniture when you clean carpet?

Yes. There is no charge to move furniture and we're fully insured. After the cleaning is completed, our technicians will return it to its rightful place.

We do suggest you remove items off of your furniture like electronics, plants, lamps, and loose items. We will move most furniture that can be safely moved.

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